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Faraway Garden Braque Pedestal Planter

Dimensions:  360 x 360 x 600mm, 60 kg
Available in the following colours: Sepia, Latin White, Sandstone, Classic Grey, Castle Stone.
The Faraway Braque Pedestal Planter is an elegant statement piece for any outdoor area, either traditional or more contemporary. This planter has clean lines and distinctive rolled edging.

As a tall planter it will provide important height in garden and outdoor design, looks wonderful in spaced rows as well as groupings; and can be planted in more formal greenery or alternatively with colourful flowering plants.


  • Handcrafted locally
  • Makes a beautiful focal point for your garden setting
  • Manufactured with a high density cast stone mix
  • Designed to weather naturally and last
  • Made at Faraway Garden, NZ

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