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Faraway Garden Floret Edging Stones


Dimensions: 279mm high, 305mm long, 38mm wide, 2 kg

Available in the following colours: Sepia, Latin White, Sandstone, Classic Grey, Castle Stone.

The Faraway Garden Floret Edging Stone is a beautiful cast stone path or garden edging inspired by traditional botanical drawings and is the perfect way to finish your soft landscaping.

Edging is not only decorative it is also practical as it helps retain soil, gravel and stones and also creates a robust mowing strip for lawns.

Our Faraway Garden edgings are ideal for use in any garden, lawn or path and can be purchased individually or in packs of 10 ($120). For packs or bulk order email us direct to discuss details.


  • Handcrafted locally
  • Designed to weather naturally and last 
  • Made at Faraway Garden, NZ

Why we choose to hand make our products at Faraway Garden...
Great looks. They are individually finished to the highest standards with each item guaranteed to be a one-of-a-kind, character piece.
Long lasting and environmentally kind. They are constructed of premium quality materials, found locally, insuring each piece will truly stand the test of time.