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Faraway Garden Pegasus Fountain


The Faraway Garden Pegasus Fountain was one of Phoenix Italia's iconic water features. A large fountain with three tiers supported by four horses depicting Pegasus, the divine winged horse from Greek mythology. Pegasus was represented as a goodhearted, gentle creature and for his service and loyalty, Zeus honoured him with a special immortality turning him into a constellation

This fountain works well in a formal design as well as being a wonderful surprise in a more rambling landscape. The fountain also makes a great showpiece on a turning circle when entering a property.

It is made of component parts and so can be moved. The pump motor is discreetly concealed within shaped chamber (pump not included). This fountain can have a sepia wash applied for an aged effect (additional cost of $200 without surround and $500 with surround). There are also options for the top finial upon request. 

Available in Phoenix Italia Sepia

Dimensions: height 2.4m, diameter 2.7m, weight 1,000kg

Three tiered fountain with horses (without surround) $5,500
Surround included $6,950
Surround with risers included $7,950
Surround including pots $7,500
Surround including pots with risers included (shown in main photo) $8,500



  • Hand cast locally
  • Makes a beautiful focal point for your garden setting
  • Designed to weather naturally and last
  • Made at Faraway Garden, NZ

Why we choose to hand make our products at Faraway Garden...

  • Great looks. They are individually finished to the highest standards with each item guaranteed to be a one-of-a-kind, character piece.
  • Long lasting and environmentally kind. They are constructed of premium quality materials, found locally, insuring each piece will truly stand the test of time.

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