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Faraway Garden Bell Frog

Dimensions: height 200mm, weight 5 kg

Available in the following colours: Sepia, Latin White, Sandstone, Classic Grey, Castle Stone.

The Faraway Garden Bell Frog is a delightful statue of an amphibian favourite - the frog. A creature that in many cultures symbolise fertility and harmony. The word frog in Japanese means 'return', and so they are considered a lucky animal and seen as good fortune with things returning.

A frog totem can thrive both in water and on land, thus inclined to navigate between physical, emotional, and spiritual planes, finding joy in life and nature.

If you have frogs croaking in your pond then its a sign of a healthy eco-system and that definitely means the cycle is on track.

This cute statue would look wonderful nestled in an herbaceous border or in a planter in a kitchen garden 

Over many years, statues have played a prominent role as focal points in gardens. From the most grand and ornate gardens with large figures, to small creatures in a naturalistic setting, statues bring life and surprise to a garden.


  • Handcrafted locally
  • A great gift that lasts
  • Designed to weather naturally and last
  • Made at Faraway Garden, NZ
Why we choose to hand make our products at Faraway Garden...
  • Great looks. They are individually finished to the highest standards with each item guaranteed to be a one-of-a-kind, character piece.
  • Long lasting and environmentally kind. They are constructed of premium quality materials, found locally, insuring each piece will truly stand the test of time.

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